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Kurlibears September Truffle
at Cooishka

This girl, beautiful inside and out, first brought me to my love of Spanish. She is the dog that got me started in the show ring, putting up with my many mistakes with her good grace and always doing her best for me. 

Caoimhe has attained her prestigious Kennel Club Stud Book number through showing and has done fantastically for me, including being placed at Crufts.

She has also been handled in the ring, on more than one occasion, by young children she hasn’t met before and her temperament is second to none, holding her Kennel Club Bronze level Good Citizens Test.

She is kind and gentle and loves everyone. 

Caoimhe with Connor

When she isn’t in the show ring, Caoimhe adores the water and swimming at both the beach and in rivers, she would spend hours water retrieving if I let her. She also loves our country side walks and is well behaved around livestock. I have started a little Gundog training with her and hope to expand on this later on.

Closeup of Caoimhe
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