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About Cooishka

Here, we put our love for
our dogs, into all that we do.

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In between walks, shows and adventures, we are at home and I am virtually always with my dogs. I have a busy household and five children, so the dogs are used to the hustle and bustle of that and the noise involved, as are any puppies we breed. My girls really are cuddle monsters and they love our human company, always wanting to be close to us. I feel truly blessed to have these wonderful girls in our lives!

I came into Spanish Water Dogs when looking for a smaller, perhaps more challenging Gundog breed after having had Golden Retrievers for many years. I mentioned to Caoimhe’s breeder that I would like to maybe give showing a try and haven’t looked back! It’s become a hobby that I love, (of course helped along by some success) and it is what I can be found doing with my girls most weekends in the summer. 

I had no idea how much I would come to love this breed and all of their quirks. They are intelligent, forward thinking dogs who never seem to forget a thing and they make me smile and laugh every single day. 

I only breed occasionally, when I want a puppy to keep myself and aim for true breed type and health, but temperament is also of utmost importance to me. My girls are wonderful, family dogs I can take anywhere and I want my future puppy families to experience the same.

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